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Genel Sanat Yönetmeni / Koreograf

İstanbul born Nur Niyaz Bildik, with lead choreographer, lecturer and lead dancer background, she founded Niyaz Bildik  Dance Company with Başak Güneş Kolcuer.  She has graduated from Saint Benoit French High School and İstanbul Bilgi University Media and Communications Systems. She was a professional rhythmic gymnast and she has taken Ballet education from M.E.B Yıldız Alpar Bale School.  She was a soloist dancer in the Contemporary Ballet Company which was directed by Cem Ertekin while she found a chance to work with famous choreographers in Turkey. She worked as a lead choreographer in the creative team of important musical productions with Gate Production. She is one of the founders of Inanna Women Awareness Center, which offers workshops for women and children.  For 20 years, she has been working in the fields of gymnastics, ballet, yoga and dance with children, babies and adults of all ages, including professional and national athletes. She is a represantative of Joimove International Dance movement in Turkey  and she continues to work as the founder-instructor of the Dance with Tales Program,  she brings together dance and stories with interdisciplinary studies.

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Yönetim Müdürü, Koreograf

Izmir born Başak Güneş KOLCUER, started her dance life at the Turkish Ministry of Education IDA İzmir Dance Academy and later she won the Ege University Classical Archeology department and continued her education in both fields. She worked with Turkish classical ballet doyenne Suna Eden Şenel in İzmir Dance Academy. In 2006, she successfully qualified for an internship with the training she received from IDA Izmir Dance Academy. After completing her internship approved by the Ministry of Education, she became an expert trainer and in 2006 she became a TDSF referee. She worked as a institution manager and instructor in leading ballet institutions in İzmir such as İzmir Dance Academy, Tan Sağtürk Academy.

With the music of Fazıl Say and choreography belongs to Asst. Assoc. Dr. Seda Ayvazoğlu, she took the stage in the ballet "Venus and Adonis", which world premiered in Izmir State Opera and Ballet and in the 23 April Children's Festival Gala Program organized by TRT.

With the permission from Ministry of Culture and Feraye Işıl and choreographed by Fırat Neziroğlu, she was the lead dancer in the performance named "Müzeyyen", which performance about the life of Müzeyyen Senar.

She worked as a dance instructor for disadvantaged children and children with mental disabilities in the Colorful Youth EU project and worked as a choreographer and instructor in the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality "Youth over 50" project. She became a Kidding Around Yoga instructor, which is valid all over the world and started practicing yoga with children. After having her second baby in 2016, she joined Joimove an international group and received safe carrying and secure attachment trainings for mother-baby dance lessons. With taking Dance with Tales training she became the first person to start Joimove and Dance with Tales lessons. She created ballet lessons for 3-5 year olds with games that enable them to do some basic ballet movements with a fun enthusiasm rather than with a strict discipline and then she professionalized these lessons and turned the "Neşeli Bale" trainings into a ecole. She has trained many teachers for preschool teachers and employees who want to teach by using dance, with the "CREATION OF DANCE AND MOVEMENT" trainings. With the group she founded under the name of "Dance for All", she aims to bring dance to everyone to children, elderly people, young people and mothers with babies, and she would like to dance with joy and happiness.



Topluluk Koordinatörü

İlayda Göktepe Yurdakul started her performing arts education at the age of 6 with Private Bartın Emel Işık College Ballet Course. She continued her acting education in Bartın City Theater and Private Bartın Theater Çınar Company during her secondary and high school education years. While she was receiving Tourism Education at Sinop University, she continued simultaneously her Creative Drama, Latin Dances, Classical Ballet Trainings at Sinop Telvin Art Academy. She started to perform in Sinop University Theater Group and Sinop Telvin Art Theater. She took the stage in various tours and national festivals with her plays Kör Dövüşü and Kadıncıklar. She worked as an assistant manager and assistant instructor at Sinop Telvin Art Academy between 2013-2015. In 2015, in her hometown Amasra, she founded Amasra Art Academy for the first time primarily performing arts education for  children and adults and with her students she has done  dance and theater performances in many international organizations in Turkey. Amasra Art Academy Team Performing arts education continues in Bartın and the central districts.

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